Quality used racket bags that deserve to LIVE AGAIN.

Welcome to our eco-conscious world of refurbished tennis bags!
Purchasing a refurbished tennis bag promotes the circular economy, where products are reused, repaired, and repurposed instead of ending up in landfills.
This fosters a more sustainable and responsible consumption cycle.

Cost-Effective Choice: Refurbished tennis bags offer a budget-friendly alternative to purchasing new. With significant savings, you can pick up a superb quality racket bag for the fraction of the price. 

Our refurbished tennis bags undergo quality checks and refurbishment process to ensure they are in good condition and their condition is always reflected in each bags own honest individual grading. You can trust that you are getting a high-quality bag without compromising on performance and durability.

Grading of Bags:

We examine each bag in great detail to check the quality and condition. This helps us determine if there are any issues with the bag that we need to make you aware of. We are very honest in our selection and grading process because we want you to trust what you are buying.

Excellent : The bag is in excellent condition, with only a few very minor marks or scuffs.

Great :
The bag appears to be is great condition and is slightly worn from general use. 

Good : The bag appears in good condition but is worn in places and may have a minor scuffs.

We also buy quality used bags.

If you have quality bags clogging up your cupboards please pop into store and we can take a look or, by all means send clear images of the bags via our contact page  or live web chat.

We will then take some time to review and if of interest we will offer a price. If you are happy to proceed (and you are not local) you simply download a free postage label from our website and package the bag securely and send to us free of charge.

*We do reserve the right not to proceed with the transaction if we find any untold issues with the bags on receipt.
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Showing 1-2 of 2 Results