Our team of racket stringers string in store, daily. 
We string tennis, squash and badminton rackets and our turn around time is usually within 48 hours.

If you need your racket strung urgently you can pay a small additional charge of £10 on top of the re-string price and we will string your racket on the same day as you drop it off (we aim to string your racket within the hour on occasion if busy, it may take a little longer).

We understand our rackets and string and we are always happy to chat through your game with you and what you want out of your racket so we can re-string your racket so it is just right for YOU!

Our stringing prices start from £18 depending on your string requirement.

We can string your racket using your own string at a charge of £15 per frame.


Synthetic Gut:

A Synthetic gut string is designed for all players. It is a soft string providing plentiful amounts of power due to its level of repulsion thus in turn providing a softer feel. This is ideal for anyone suffering from elbow/arm pains. It is not as durable as say a polyester string due to its construction but has developed to be more durable than in the past. 


The polyester string is a much firmer feeling string providing plenty of control helping players keep the ball in court more by reducing the amount of power produced. This allows the player to take faster strokes and be aggressive on court. Due the construction of polyester strings, they also come in rough or shaped versions that give a little more bite on the ball allowing for extra spin. The hard feeling of a polyester string means it is not recommended for those with arm injuries or those who need a little extra power. 

Natural Gut:

This is deemed to be the mother of all string materials. It delivers exceptional feel, playability and tension maintenance but because of this it is the most expensive string. It is often used in hybrid setups to counter this. Popping in this bad boy in the mains or crosses will really deliver a lovely crisp feel to your strokes. 


Now this is a great option to combine all of the above. Being able to get 'the best of both worlds' so to speak is growing in popularity. Typically putting the polyester in the mains and a synthetic gut/natural gut in the crosses allows you to strike a balance between the control of a polyester with the powerful and soft touch feeling of a synthetic or natural gut.

Now this is something often overlooked and we often get asked about tension a lot and what it means. Long story short, a lower tension gives more power and a higher tension gives more control. There are obviously exceptions to this rule but generally this is a good rule of thumb to go by. 

Please ask us for help as we will explain how the type of string selected and tension selection interact to change the charateristics of your racket.

A super in depth article for anyone looking for 'light reading' on string types, construction and materials can be found here:


"When making contact with the tennis ball, your strings will move and rub against one another. This rubbing causes a notch on the string, which inevitably snaps. Players that use lots of topspin are more likely to break their strings more often because the topspin causes more movement in the strings therefore more wear and tear.


A ball hit near the frame may also break the strings, no matter how old or new they are, this is because the string pinches against the grommits of the racket (The plastic bits) and the power has no where to go so builds up against the grommitt and the string breaks. This is called a Shank Break When the ball is stuck nearer the middle of the racket the force is dispersed through all the strings that are connected to the contact point. So unfortunately it wont be our stringing it will be where you have hit the ball. We will of course judge every case on its merit, we arent that evil but at least you are armed with Shank Break knoweldge now. 


If you play on clay courts then you are more likely to break your strings because the loose granules of clay are picked up by the ball and then left on your strings when you strike the ball. These granules then work their way between your strings and cause more friction and snapping."

If you play in cold conditions the balls are colder, travel slower and feel heavier and therefore increase the force and pressue going through the strings as you swing harder to generate the power. This can increase the frequency of strink breaks.


Bumper Replacement - £20
Re-grip service - Free however we ask you purchase your grip from us.
Grip enlargement - £12
Butt Cap Replacement £15
Lead Tape - £10
Racket Balance - £20
Racket customisation - price on request