Stringing life into pre-loved rackets that deserve to LIVE AGAIN.

Our RACKET REVIVAL range is a carefully curated range of pre-loved tennis rackets.


Refurbished Tennis Rackets: Sustainability and Savings

  • Premium Quality, Reduced Cost: Our refurbished tennis rackets are carefully inspected and restored to their original glory by our team of skilled professionals. By opting for a refurbished racket, you can enjoy the same high-end performance at a fraction of the cost of a brand new one.

  • Sustainability Matters: Choosing a refurbished tennis racket means you're contributing to a more sustainable planet. By giving these rackets a second life, we minimize waste and help reduce the environmental impact of sports equipment manufacturing.

We also offer a Trade-In Service: Upgrade and Save

Looking to upgrade your current tennis racket? Take advantage of our convenient trade-in service! We accept quality used rackets and offer great trade-in deals that allow you to save even more on your racket purchase. It's a win-win – you get to enjoy a superior racket while minimizing your expenses.

We also buy quality used rackets in return for Nick Rivett Sport vouchers or money. We would ask you to send clear photographs via our live web chat or customer contact form and we will contact you to discuss further if we feel your racket would fit into our refurbished range.

GRADING of frames:

We examine each frame in great detail to check the quality, condition and the year of the frame. This helps us determine if there are any issues with the frame that we need to make you aware of. We are very honest in our selection and grading process because we want you to trust what you are buying.

Excellent : The frame is in excellent condition, with only a few very minor marks or scuffs. 

Great : The frame appears to be is great condition and is slightly worn from general use. The frame may have a few chips or marks around the top and side of the frame.

Good : The frame appears in good condition but is worn in places and may have a combination of minor chips and scuffs around the top and side of the frame.

Fair : The frame appears worn, with a combination of the frame being faded with scuffs and chips. the item is highly desirable or it is more than 20 years old. The frame is still considered playable with plenty of life left in it.

Why Choose Our Refurbished Tennis Rackets?

  • Quality Assurance: Our team meticulously inspects and refurbishes each racket to guarantee that it meets our strict quality standards. You can be confident that you're getting a racket that performs exceptionally well.

  • Sustainability Commitment: By choosing a refurbished racket, you're making a conscious choice to support sustainability efforts and reduce the demand for new resources.

  • Cost-Effective: Enjoy the benefits of a top-notch racket without breaking the bank. Our refurbished rackets offer significant cost savings compared to buying new ones.

  • Trade-In Incentives: Upgrade your racket with ease and enjoy additional savings through our trade-in service.

  • Expert Restringing and Re-gripping: All of our refurbished frames are expertly re-strung and re-gripped keeping your racket in top condition.

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