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We pride ourselves on simply offering one of the best racket services in Sussex.
We offer a comprehensive range, practical advise and we explain the game play of the rackets and can of-course measure it to your ability, grip and size.


We play tennis so we understand how important it is to be fitted to the correct racket for your game. Our personal service and friendly, intelligent advice is what sets us apart from the rest.
We offer four main brands of racket; Babolat, Wilson, Head + Yonex and we will always have the latest rackets in store as soon as they are released on sale. We have the widest range of rackets in Sussex and a team of racket stringers so we can get even more from your racket by marrying up the frame with new strings.

There are many factors to consider when choosing your Badminton Racket and this can make your selection very confusing. Our staff understand these factors and are only happy to talk you through them to match you to your perfect racket. The differences are minimal but can make a huge difference to your game whether you are a new starter or county level.

We stock a comprehensive range of YONEX badminton rackets. Yonex dominate the badminton market so as a result we carry frames from their Voltric, Arcsabre and Nanoray families. We also match our racket prices to reputable on line retailer ‘central sports’.

We have a tight range of Squash rackets that includes rackets for your recreational beginning to your more advanced player. We also stock footwear from Asics . Come and talk to us so we can help you to get the right equipment for your game.

We re-string, we stencil, we re-grip, we over-grip, WE PLAY!


Unsure of what racket is for you? Visit us in store and make use of our try before you buy service!
Simply speak to a member of our skilled team who, based on the information you give regarding your game play will match you to up to 3 of the most appropriate rackets in terms of weight, head size & game play for you.
We charge £10 per racket you are then free to take the rackets away and trial in the comfort of your own club for up to 1 week (7 days). This charge is non refundable but will be deducted from any racket you subsequently purchase from Nick Rivett Sport. We also match ALL of our tennis & squash racket prices to reputable on-line tennis retailer ‘tennis nuts’.

*Late return of rackets result in a £2.50 per day late charge.
*If you are more than 7 days late returning the racket and we are unable to reach you we will charge your payment card with the full value price of all rackets you have loaned.


We are tennis players and stringers and we string in store, daily.

The skill in quality racket re-stringing is matching the string & string tension to you, your game and your racket.
At Nick Rivett Sport, we understand our rackets so will chat through your game so we string your racket so it is just right for YOU!
We provide a stringing service for tennis, squash and badminton rackets and we aim to string your rackets within 48 hours of receipt. For a £5 additional charge we also offer a same day stringing service. We string all of our rackets using the state of the art Wilson Baiardo machine. The machine of choice at the major grand slams including the US open.

Additional Services;

Grommit Replacement
Re-grip service
Grip enlargement


Sensation – 2 gauges 1.3 and 1.35 – Natural – £20.00
Rpm Blast – 2 gauges 1.2 and 1.3 – Black  -£25.00
Luxilon Alu Power Rough – 1.3 – Silver -£25.00
Luxilon Element – 1.25 – Copper – £25.00
Luxilon 4G – 1.3 – Gold – £25.00
Natural Gut – 1.3 – Natural – £40.00
Hybrid of above (Except natural gut) – £22.50
Hybrid with Natural Gut – £35.00


Synthetic Gut 1.25 – £20
Tecnifibre 305 1.20- £25
Tecnifibre 305+ 1.30 – £25


Yonex BG65 – £20
Yonex Nanogy 99 £22.50
Yonex BG80 – £25
Yonex BG80 Power – £25




Where its made – Badminton rackets made in Japan are held in the highest of regard (think Samurai Swords) The rackets are practically hand-made and vigorously tested. Japanese rackets are considered the best quality with the sub ranges coming from Taiwan.

What its made of – We stock graphite rackets but there are varying degrees of graphite apparently. The graphite that makes up the racket will be a higher quality of heated up and cooled more times, this will get rid of impurities and make the racket stronger and the racket will therefore last longer.

How Flexible is the racket – The flexibility of the racket is important as it help produce power. The more flexible the more power and the more stiff the more control. I believe this to be one of the most important factors to get right.

How is the racket balanced – How the weight of the racket is distributed is another key factor to consider. Rackets are either head heavy, Balanced or Head Light. As the weight moves towards the tip of the racket so the swing weight increases. However it takes more effort to move a racket that is heaviliy weighted in the head so the power maybe negated by racket head speed.

What does the racket weight– Most rackets vary between 70g and 95g and to be honest a non competitive player will find it hard to distinguish between mid-weight rackets.

Your personal Game – Do you play doubles or singles? Are you strong or weak on smashes and clears? Are you a net player? How much do you want to spend? Do you think the rackets pretty? Will it go with your shoes and bag and car?
We know our rackets and have them all in stock for you to touch and feel and we can help talk you through them. Come pick our brains instead of wasting your time trying to understand.

We also price match. What more can you ask.


There are a lot of variables to consider when purchasing a squash racket. We have tried to explain and de-mystify the main characteristics of what makes up a squash racket

Racket Shape
There are two types of racket shape, a teardrop and a fan shape.
A teardrop frame has a smaller string bed, decreasing the size of the sweet spot. These rackets generally offer more Control. A fan shaped racket has a larger string bed, which is more forgiving on off-centre shots as the racket will have a large sweet spot and the longer main strings generate more power.

Squash rackets vary in weight between 110g & 160g. Lighter weight rackets are for people who have a slow swing speeds as it will aid in generating power and are generally more manoeuvrable. Heavy racket are for players who have a fast swing speed, the weight will help to control the ball

The balance of a racket is very personal, some people like a head heavy racket and some players like an evenly balanced racket. A head heavy racket will give the racket more power and a head light racket more control and manoeuvrability. A good analogy for balance is to think about swinging a sledgehammer, it takes a lot of effort to get the sledgehammer going but the momentum generates a huge amount of raw power. If you turn the sledgehammer around and hold the hammer side you will be able to control the hammer a lot better and be more accurate but you wont generate the same power.

There are other variables such as personalizing the grip size (available as an in store service) and stringing (see stringing section) but these can be altered on any racket and are less important considerations when buying a racket.


We are passionate about the local tennis community and have fantastic relationships with local clubs and their tennis coaches. If you want to find a club that is right for you or you would like coached sessions to improve your game or for your child then get in touch, we are always happy to recommend coaches that will suit your game.  


It’s not only about how you play, it’s also about how you look!

We stock a range of seasonal men, women and children’s clothing and footwear.
Expect design led but practical pieces that will stand up to the game. When selecting our clothing ranges we consider garment quality and cut, key factors such as skirt length and ball pocket and we always offer garments that offer value for money. During the autumn and winter months our clothing range reduces so please call ahead if you are after something specific.