We Move 
Grounded in the belief that movement is the catalyst to realising a better self. weMove explores the worlds of movement, health, and adventure connecting the dots towards living a complete human experience.

Rich Husseiny - Finding Peace Within
" Seeing death has allowed me to realise life is finite and it's lead me on a path of self-discovery, self-development, opening my horizons, trying new things"

Charlie Dark - DJ. Poet. Producer. Run Dem Crew
"Running has had a tremendous impact on my life, but yoga has had a bigger impact than running"

Karen Newby - Nutrition Simplified
"Waking up feeling energised and hungry is a really good parameter of health and wellbeing. These are the two real mainstays of how I analyse your general wellbeing"

Tony Riddle - Re-wild your Self

"How many hours have you spent outdoors today? That's what we should all be saying"

Carl Paoli. Redesigning your life
"I think people are craving what is real because I think technology and how fast information is moving these days we're getting lost in the speed more than ever we're not creating enough space for ourselves to process"

Returning to Centre. Gary Ward
Gary is kind of a secret weapon in injury prevention, performance development and all around bodily health because Gary’s interest lies in awareness and alignment. Awareness not only in the present sense but also awareness of our past.


Do you know how to SLEEP. Nick Littlehales 
We are talking about something that makes us feel good, that we as a society struggle to get enough and it is perhaps the most ignored and forgotten point in our day where we process, recover and regenerate our bodies and minds. I’m talking about SLEEP.

Dr Chatterjee Podcast
"My mission is to help 100 million people feel fantastic by restoring them to optimal health. We have over complicated health. I want to simplify it. I’ve practiced medicine for nearly 20 years and I’m taking a stand. People are needlessly suffering and this is preventable and unacceptable."

Professor Satchin Panda - Why When You Eat Matters
Dr Chatterjee talks to Professor Satchidananda Panda of the Salk Institute in California, a leading expert in the field of circadian rhythm and whose research is transforming our lives every day worldwide

Professor Satchin Panda - Why When You Eat Matters

The Foot Collective - How to Stay Pain Free
The feet are often a neglected part of the body. If you're experiencing hip, knee and back pain, your feet may be the cause. Nick and Mike explain that although there are many ailments that many of us just write off as something we just have, or we have inherited, in actual fact, there may be something we can do to improve these conditions. The truth is, that while we might have a genetic susceptibility our environment and our lifestyles also determine what happens to our bodies. 

How our Childhood Shapes Every Aspect Of Our Health with Dr Gabor Mate
We talk about how our emotional stress translates to physical chronic illness and how we now live in a culture that doesn't meet our human needs. Indeed, the conditions necessary for healthy child development are increasingly under threat in today's society. Loneliness and the lack of meaningful connection are on the rise, as are the rate of autoimmune disease and addiction. We discuss how the way we live our modern lives is impacting us more than we realise.

What makes us human with Tony Riddle
Tony believes that the closer you take people to nature, the better able they are to heal. 

Time and how to spend it. James Wallman
Time is the most precious commodity we have, yet despite all the advances in technology, most of us are more time poor than ever before. Cultural commentator and best-selling author, James Wallman, believes that few of us really understand which experiences bring us joy and success, and which don’t. In fact, for many of us, free time can be harder to enjoy than time at work.

How to open your mind and change your life. Dr Tara Swart
Whether it’s a dream job, a successful relationship, losing weight or running a marathon, you have the power to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Yet for most of us, life just passes us by. In this week’s episode, neuroscientist and executive coach, Dr Tara Swart, explains how we can all take back control of our lives by training our brains to create the life we want to live. She explains the science behind ‘the law of attraction’ and talks about how what we think and feel are so intimately connected with what goes on in our bodies.