The Run Squad fundraising reaches £5000 for local Children’s Charity Rockinghorse

Our much loved The Run Squad runners (both old and new) have worked tirelessly since November 2013 to help reach our goal of £10k for Rockinghorse by Christmas 2014. By early July 2014 we have smashed through the half way mark!
Our fundraising for Rockinghorse certainly won’t stop at Christmas but it’s just great to have a goal.

Over the last 6 months our members have helped raise this staggering amount through race sponsorship, we have socials where proceeds are all donated and other local businesses show support by putting on specific evenings or events for TRS and proceeds again are donated to Rockinghorse.

We feel very proud of what we have raised, we are a local running community and we all give a little and with over 150 The Run Squad members that really does go a long way. Rockinghorse are also such a lovely, friendly charity and support us however they can with all of our efforts and also update us regularly on how our funds are being used.

“The Run Squad is currently specifically raising funds for the Physiotherapy Department at the Alex. All funds raised  have been  allocated towards a project to provide much-needed and specially-adapted exercise equipment to help patients in physio recover from operations and accidents, and manage long term conditions – including Cystic Fibrosis.”

We have a dedicated The Run Squad just giving page where our total can be followed.

The pressure is now on to raise the remaining £5000……watch this space, we best get RUNNING!



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