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Meeting details: 5pm 07/10/17 | Location: Preston Lawn Tennis Club |

Our squad will focus on GROUND STROKES and break down the Forehand and backhand strokes. We will start with some of the basics of movement and positioning and work from there, adding in theory and start to practice in some key areas.

The objective of this session isn’t to achieve perfection, but to raise your awareness and give you knowledge of what your groundies should look and feel like, along with some individualised cues which will enable you to go away and practice and start building your consistency. 

We will  look at the groundstrokes from a tactical perspective.

* How to exploit time and space

* How to generate more power

* How to more effectively hurt opponents when in attacking positions.

The session will involve skill development as well as practical applications within a game scenario.

Please note:

Each clinic is a £10 charge per person paid direct to Barry Fulcher on arrival of the clinic.

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