TRS Brunch Runners

We Meet. We Run. We Eat

Please note we are now on an extended break and will return in 2018. 

TRS Brunch runners is part of The Run Squad family, taking The Run Squad free weekly runs to Sunday mornings. This is your long, steady pace weekly run. Unlike The Run Squad, TRS Brunch Runners is open to everybody and you do not have to be a member of The Run Squad to run with us. Simply book your place each week that  you want to run with us via our booking system below and you are good to go!

We have just completed our TRS Brunch Runners Spring Marathon training group at Brighton Marathon 2017.

* You MUST book in for EACH RUN you wish to join. No booking = NO RUN
* Please come ready to run, there is NO SECURE PLACE TO LEAVE BELONGINGS.
* It is your responsibility to ensure you know the route each run will follow.
* It is your responsibility to bring water and food and be fully prepared for longer mileage
* Please show fellow runners courtesy and cancel your place on a run if you are no longer able to run.

  • There are no upcoming events at this time.