Brighton & Hove was made for running.

Taking in the sea air with a long flat seafront run or hitting the trails on the South Downs, we love to support this vibrant city and its ever growing running community. Whether you need advice on your running gear, or top up on your nutrition or need the recommendation of a good physio –  we are your passionate, friendly one stop running shop!

We stock a wide range of male and female running clothing and footwear. We are passionate about our kit so you will find only the latest (most beautiful) technical pieces from our favourite clothing brands. We stock compression garments from 2XU and compressport, nutrition, a wide range of running socks, running belts, gloves, hats – I could go on…..

All of the Nick Rivett Sport team are keen runners and we span from sprinters to marathon runners. We haven’t raced for Team GB nor set any land speed records but we all participate in local races and have fun with our running and we all aspire to keep moving and enjoy our running. The one thing we are is footwear nerds. Between us we have tried out and discussed all the running shoes we stock allowing us to offer a personal view point on most products and not just the manufacturing blurb.

Our Service

Understanding Running Gait

We start our Running Analysis by filming you run barefoot on our in-store treadmill. We then review you running style by slowing it right down and analysis the key facts and then use this information to select some shoes to try on.

The Running Analysis allows us to start the shoe selection but it’s not the definitive solution, we will start the process by selecting shoes that may suit your style and then bring some others to compare to them. Its then over to you, you can try the shoes on and take them for a run outside to see how they perform on the roads.

The days of prescribing running shoes are almost gone, the shoe is your choice and comfort should be the defining attribute for your purchase. Sure we can talk to you about all the tech and what our opinion of the shoe is but at the end of it; its your body, feet and shoe choice. You will know when you find the one!

You can only do this by trying, testing, trying and testing until one comes to the top.


These are running shoes designed to be used predominantly on the road/pavement. Roads are generally flat and this means when you run your body will go through a very very very similar and repetitive sequence of motion to propel you forward for many many many steps and miles!

Feel – Some running shoes are designed to be soft and some harder. You will find the softer shoes give you a lovely comfortable ride but do absorb energy from your stride, a harder shoe will not feel as plush under foot but will be a lot more responsive to power and allows better feedback for foot strike feel. Generally harder shoes are synonymous with faster shoes.
Brands and Fit – Different brands fit differently in terms of size and width.
Drop – This is the difference in mm between the heel and the toe, there is a huge fashion towards barefoot (Flat) and Minimal (Drop) shoes in order to promote a ‘better’ more efficient running style. We at Nick Rivett Sport follow the mantra ‘Form over Footwear’ which means the running form involves a number of critical aspects than cant be fixed just by wearing certain shoes.

Brands we stock

Asics, Nike, Brooks, Adidas, New Balance, Saucony


Your foot strike and pattern change with every step on uneven surfaces. This means the way in which you buy your trail shoe will differ slightly from your road shoe.

The key factors to consider will be:
The Outsole
What surface are you running on, if you are running from your home up to the trail then you will need a less vicious outsole and less grip as you will wear through the grips on the road on the way up to the countryside. We classify this type of running home to trail and these shoes have less grip.
If you are out and out running on the trail then you will want a more substantial lug on your outsole to stop slipping in the evil mud.

You shoes need to be comfortable and fit your running needs, this means how do the shoes fit on your feet, do you like the cushioning under your foot, is the drop of the shoe appropriate, is it comfortable and does it make you go Yes, these are the ones.