JOIN US to play tennis and raise money for UKRAINE our aim is to simply raise as much money as possible by playing tennis for 24 hours non stop!

Each hour is split into two half an hour slots and we play doubles, this allows us to fit as many people as possible into the 24 hours.

You can book a solo slot or with friends. If solo pairings are chosen completely at random, so please do not worry that you have to be of a certain standard to play. EVERYBODY will be welcomed whatever level player you are. If you wish to book yourself and friends, that is also welcome please stipulate this when you book.

Please note the event is open to over 18 year olds only as Wickwoods Country Club does not allow children.

Please also note that anybody under the age of 18 is not allowed to attend the event unfortunately not even as a spectator - this is in compliance with Wickwoods rules.


We are also very excited to share that The Tennis Mentor  the UK's premier tennis coach, you tube and social media influencer will be joining us on Sunday morning for a very special master class. We will announce the places that are up for grabs (for a very generous donation) on Monday 14th March.


We would love a jazzy booking system but unfortunately time doesn't allow so simply email Andy Knights to book.

Andy Knights

When booking please stipulate your desired time slot between 9.30am Sunday 20th March and 9.30am Monday 21st March. If you can provide 2/3 back up times too just incase there is high demand for certain times then we will do our very best to meet your request.

You can book more than 1 30 minute time slots, you can book as many as you wish. However we do ask for a minimum of a £10 donation PER 30 MINUTE TIME SLOT so for example if you book 2 x 30 minute slots please donate a minimum of £20.

Once you have emailed Andy to book, please then kindly make your donation via our gofundme page to secure your place. Andy will then collate all bookings on a first come first served basis and confirm your playing time.

As of Monday 14th March most day and evening slots are now fully booked. Funnily enough we still have plenty of availability for throughout the night.

All tennis balls will be provided by Nick Rivett Sport 

Wickwoods Address;
Wickwoods Country Club
Shaves Wood Lane
West Sussex

During the daytime players are welcome to park in Wickwoods main members car park. After 8pm when Wickwoods is closed all players can park in Wickwoods staff car park in order to gain entrance to the tennis courts we will be playing on as the main building will be closed. 

Wickwoods have kindly made their tennis cabin available for the duration of the event with toilets and a seating area. We ask that the club and members are respected for the duration of this event.

If you have any questions at all please contact the team at Nick Rivett Sport, please note although Wickwoods have kindly allowed us to use their court they are not responsible for the organisation of the event so we kindly ask you do not contact them with regards to this.

We will continue to update this page as we get closer to the event.

In the meantime, please, please share and give as generously as you can afford.

Thank you so very much.x