Hockey & Netball


The growth of hockey in Brighton and Hove over recent years has been fantastic, this is largely thanks to Brighton and Hove Hockey club along with most local schools now playing hockey. We are always striving to increase our range of hockey equipment and accessories to keep up with such growth in demand.

Choosing your Hockey Stick

Factors to consider when purchasing your stick

Size – Our Adult sticks range from 36.5 to 38.5 Inches. Our junior sticks vary from 30 inches to 35 inches. If you are unsure of the correct size of stick for your child then just bring your child into store and we will happily match them to the correct size stick.

Composition – Most sticks these days are made of fibre glass and carbon fibre. As you increase the percentage of carbon in the stick you increase the stiffness which increases the power. More carbon equals more power. Defenders and attackers may benefit from a higher carbon stick. Shape – There are stricter rules governing the bow of the stick this year. Sticks vary in shape in relation to the position and type of player you are. We mostly stock standard bows that are designed for general play. We do stock a few late bow sticks that are more designed for drag flicking.

Try them out – We think its best if you get to try the stick out before you purchase. We do this by letting you hit some balls in the shop to get a ‘feel’ for the stick to see if it suits you, you can also dribble round the customers for an extra challenge!

Brands – We stock a range of quality sticks from Grays, Kookaburra, Adidas Hockey, TK + Mercian

Hockey Footwear

A hockey shoe needs to offer you comfort, traction and a good degree of protection. We have a selected the best value and quality shoes from  Adidas and Asics in adult and junior sizes.

Hockey Accessories

During hockey season we also stock accessories from Grays + TK Hockey including chamois grips, replacement grips, shinpads, gumshields, hand protectors and stick tape.


There are very few places on the high street where you can try a selection of netball shoes, and as with all sports, you really need to try your netball shoes for comfort and stability before you buy. We predominantly stock shoes from Asics as we believe Asics offer the best quality netball shoe in the market.

We also stock a range of Gilbert training netballs.