The Run Squad

The Run Squad was founded in Brighton in 2012 by Nick and Jo Rivett.

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Nearly five years on and we have 200 active members (we closed to new members in 2014 working on a one in one out basis). We have over 100 runners every Wednesday evening, pounding the beautiful Brighton seafront – our home turf!
As we approach our fifth birthday we now have a wonderful SUPPORT SQUAD who will support our sessions and allow us to open our doors again to our amazingly patient waiting list and beyond.

We are a collective of like minded local people with a passion for running. We don’t care too much for race times, but that doesn’t mean we are not committed to being the best we can be! The Run Squad is a strong, positive and supportive community of runners with NO EGO’s and always good vibes ONLY.

Running brought us together striving to support each others journey and celebrate our successes drives us forward.


Our group consists of a mixed individual abilities but we do ask;

We are a free running club, a community. We all give a little to make amazing things happen! As a member of The Run Squad you are required to GIVE BACK. Our pacers are not paid pacers, they are MEMBERS who give up their sessions to make sure you get the most out of YOURS. We all pace, we all run, we rotate the duties. We are a powerful community built on give and take.

Our Sessions:

The Run Squad weekly sessions are your lung busting speed/interval/hill session that you NEVER want to do alone!

We offer 9 types of session on weekly rotation. We have pacers from 6.30mm to 10.30mm and all that goes in-between.

The idea is to push yourself hard for 45 minutes of running, using the pacers to measure how well and fast you are running and you can measure your improvement as the weeks go on. You choose your pace group according to your current ability, you can always change if you feel you can’t keep up or the pace is too slow. Simple!

Our community is built through a private facebook group that you gain access to as a member – there are many, many runs and events happening all the time within the club. Wednesday evening is at the heart of all we do. Wednesday night is club night!

Friends who run together stay together!! Our members stay in contact and meet up of regularly to run. We must stress, any other run apart from that of a Wednesday evening at 7.00pm is NOT organised by or is the responsibility of The Run Squad. Individuals partake in these runs at their own risk.


The Run Squad is a proud supporter of PARK RUN and not only do our members regularly run our local park runs but also once a month we provide all of the volunteers including pacers, for our local Park Run on Hove Promenade.

We are a very proud partner to local children’s charity WHOOPSADAISY.

Whoopsadaisy is a Sussex based charity helping children with cerebral palsy and physical disabilities “where every step counts”. Whoopsadaisy is a very small, local charity helping families and children within our own community. Whoopsadaisy need funds and help to raise awareness of the great work they do.

It costs approx £3000 to fund ONE child to come to parent and child groups at Whoopsadaisy for ONE year. NO money will ever change hands within The Run Squad, all that we do is for whoopsadaisy and previously Rockinghorse children’s charity. To date The Run Squad has raised £49,860 for local children’s charities within Sussex since 2013.

If you would like to donate to our fund for Whoopsadaisy



You must be a member to attend a session. Unfortunately due to health and safety reasons and the volume of runners we have running you will not be able to run if you just ‘turn up’ on the evening and are not a member.


If your main concern is how fast you can run and to beat everyone else, then please refrain from attending our sessions. There is no place for ego at The Run Squad, we look out for and support each other. You do not get brownie points for getting to the end first – but you do get points for smiling, being supportive and having FUN!


Doors open at 6.30. We ask that you arrive by 6.50pm to allow for ‘signing in’ and to catch up with other members. We set off to run at 7.15pm


Please attend dressed and ready to run and don’t forget to bring water!


For safety and social reasons please ensure that you introduce yourself to people in your pace group. We are not a faceless group and if anything were to happen to you on a run your fellow group members should be able to tell the emergency authorities your name. They cannot do this if you insist on coming down and keeping yourself to yourself.

If you see someone looking lost then please make them feel at home, a smile and a kind word can go a long way in making someone feel welcome.


Please respect your group pacers by ensuring you keep within the front and back pacers. If you run ahead of the front pacer then you need to let the front pacer know – it may also be worth you progressing to an athletics club! If you drop out of a session please let a member of the team know be it a fellow runner or Jo, Nick or support squad. Look out for each other in ALL circumstances.


There are lots of running clubs you could run with, but you have chosen to run with us. The Run Squad is a free running group and the founders and pacers give up their time to create this fun, supportive running community.

All we ask is for you to please replace what you take from the The Run Squad. We always need volunteers to pace groups and friendly faces to make newcomers feel welcome. We ALL ALWAYS support all runners when we run, be it cheers at the end of the session to running alongside a fellow member to push them to the end of the session, our community is SUPPORTIVE in ALL circumstances.


Our most important rule!
If you miss 4 consecutive Wednesday evening The Run Squad sessions you will be removed as a member of The Run Squad.
Why do we do this? Demand for a place within TRS is crazy. We want as many people as possible to enjoy this amazing community of cracking people, if you are holding on to a place and not running you are stopping another person from developing their running and enjoying The Run Squad journey. There will be no turning a blind eye to missed sessions I’m afraid. It will be a black and white – miss 4 consecutive sessions and I am afraid you will be removed from the club, removed from the club private facebook group and all that goes with it and you will need to re-register and join our waiting list.
If injury happens – then there will be a 4 week grace period, after 4 weeks we will remove you from the club until you are healed and ready to run.

We are immensely proud of our club and it’s members. We all give so much of our time to make this community special – members are asked to respect this and our rules.